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Don't let this community die

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When I received the email notification of the closing on friday. I was crushed. The best thing about this community is the supportive, Constructive, and objective comments and crits. Others helping when you're stuck or uninspired. The general unabashed kindness of strangers that have become friends.

A few of my contacts have hit me up on Myspace, others on Facebook and more on Flickr. It's is all too scattered. I'm urging all my contacts to join Facebook and this group

We have about 190 members already, just 199810 to go.

Even if your not a fan of social networking sites, but that is what JPG is a social network dedicated to photography. There we can atleast stay in touch and showcase our work and exchange thoughts and ideas. So please join help the community stay together.

For others my contact info for other sites are as follows


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