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A day in a slaughterhouse

from:"A day in a slaughterhouse: that's why I've become a vegetarian......"

Do you really know where your hamburger or your pork chops came from?


you have to write the story while looking these pics. this is only a little reportage and I don't want to influence anybody with my words. I think these images speaks themselves.......

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19 responses

  • Skippy Sanchez

    Skippy Sanchez (Deleted) said (9 Jan 2009):

    I don't get it... where's the story? I see eleven images of dead animals and bloody surfaces but no visual narrative. I'm sorry, amigo, but if you're after the shock factor you've got a ways to go. If you're after visual story-telling, you missed the mark completely. This is a collection of mildly gruesome snapshots, nothing more.

  • francesco scipioni

    francesco scipioni said (10 Jan 2009):

    you have to write the story while looking these pics. this is only a little reportage and I don't want to influence anybody with my words. I think these images speaks themselves.......

  • John Edwin May

    John Edwin May said (10 Jan 2009):

    Must agree with Mr. Sanchez. Your viewers do not have to do anything, that is your job. If it is "up to us" to do your work...then we do not need you or your photographs. If you want to be a vegan, so be it. Tell me why or at least tell me how you feel. Plants are living creatures just like animals... If we were not suppose to eat animals they would not be made out of meat. Being at the "top of the food chain" allows me to eat whatever I want... you do the same. Interesting subject for discussion. My best...

  • Simon Kossoff

    Simon Kossoff (Deleted) said (12 Jan 2009):

    I don't think any words are needed here, the images say it all. This IS real and this IS what happens. meat is packed and sold (and named) to hide the reality of what we are eating. if people are offended by these excellent and brave images and yet eat meat they are in denial because THIS IS the TRUTH! I am a meat eater, but believe people should NOT loose touch with where it comes from..
    What would you write anyway - eg ' this is where the meat you eat comes from, if these images leave a bad taste in your mouth deal with it..'
    Good work!

  • Simon Kossoff

    Simon Kossoff (Deleted) said (12 Jan 2009):

    I guess if you really wanted to add a shock factor you should take pictures of what goes into making things like burgers as that would proberly really make us sick ;-)
    And John the 'Top of the food chain' talk of yours is total rubbish. I wonder how much meat you would eat if you had to kill the animals yourself..

  • Iraklis Lianos

    Iraklis Lianos said (16 Jan 2009):

    Like Simon says it is what it is. If these photos have any 'shock value' its because a slaughter house is quite a shocking place to be. I can't fathom how one would take pictures there that would be serene and unoffensive. If anything, even for those who like to eat meat, perhaps it's a reminder that we eat waaaaaay to much of it to make such conditions necessary

  • Denman

    Denman (Deleted) gave props (18 Jan 2009):

    and that is why i'm vegetarian... great work!

  • Andres Trujillo

    Andres Trujillo said (28 Jan 2009):

    The pictures are great, however, this is not enough to influence anybody to lean one way or another, as a son of a large line of ranch workers, I've seen worse, and I still eat meat.
    You should have tried to go on the angle of how "inhumane" the treatment of this animals is, or the conditions in which they're killed (which is the cliche vegetarians seem to use nowadays), you could have touched at least some people who are not aware of those facts, those of us who know the facts and still choose to eat animal by-products would still do so, even after this pictures

  • Regina Singh

    Regina Singh said (1 Feb 2009):

    These images are completely self explanatory, if our society can look in the face of a dying animal that wants nothing but life and feel no remorse there is definately something wrong with us. Kudos. Vegetarians for the win.

  • Emily Simpson

    Emily Simpson gave props (5 Mar 2009):

    This is gross.. I think I can look at the images just fine and see a story here. I'd rather observe that hear in this kind of a situation and decide for myself what I think. Good collection of images, and enough to make at least ME say no to some steak. Go Veggies!

  • dana io

    dana io gave props (28 May 2009):

    These terrific pictures get the vote of a meat-eater. I don't know yet what to do with this 'information', but surely some seed has been planted...

  • Aelica

    Aelica (Deleted) said (27 Sep 2009):

    Unfortunately, people find it esasier not to think how they get what's io their kitchen. I'm firmly against any industrial product, I don't eat meat, eggs, milk, cheese and so on 'cause the way animals are treated is awful...and that's a way to eat not at all healthy for us. But I do not eat any vegetable and fruit coming from the industrial chain either. I wanna know where exaclty what I eat is coming from, it's my right.

    I appreciate your attempt and your bravery, I'd never be able to enter a slaughter. I'd like this to be a reason to think about nowadeys absurd ways to live, it's up to us to change things, but so few of us take care about it.

  • Stefi Failk

    Stefi Failk (Deleted) gave props (24 Nov 2009):


  • Leanne Silva

    Leanne Silva gave props (25 Jan 2010):

    I think these pictures are well composed, but I guess some people are just too hard-hearted to be swayed by anything. Why are animals made of meat? Because animals, including us, need muscle tissue if we want to move! Being at the top of the food chain means we have the perspective necessary to change the way we treat other living things.

  • Stephanie Sarad

    Stephanie Sarad said (7 May 2010):

    I think the message is loud and clear. A picture is worth a million words skippy. If you cant understand the message that is being sent here, you most likely never will. The message is loud and clear, but you have to be willing to hear it. sorry dude

  • Photo Shack

    Photo Shack (Deleted) said (7 Jun 2011):

    I think that pampered people, emotional and whiny folks who have never seen anything in life might be thrown into a tailspin after seeing slaughterhouse pictures (aka "pictures speak for themselves") but I found myself wanting a story for each image and it just wasn't there. Why not go the extra mile and finish what you started? Describe what was happening and what YOU felt at least. Make me take your gore pictures seriously in other words.

  • Photo Shack

    Photo Shack (Deleted) gave props (7 Jun 2011):

    Good photography, good intent

  • charlie mclenahan

    charlie mclenahan said (10 Jun 2011):

    no words needed ~ the images do tell the story ~ thank you for telling their story

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (14 Jun 2011):

    lovely story!! I appreciate!!!

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