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So, here's the idea... take a road trip across the United States and

stay with a different people I've never met in all 50states,

documenting hometown life through photography and blogging. With some

hard work, using all my resources, and relentless passion I have made

a dream come true. I dubbed that dream The Hometown Invasion Tour.

Nearly 10 months after leaving I have now visited 38 states and have

stayed with close to 90 households of people I have never met.

Through networking, friends of friends, and the six degrees of Kevin

Bacon I have been in touch with hundreds of people across the nation

as I get to know my own country. What a generous country it is.

People have taken me in at the last minute and filled my gas tank. As

for the gas tank and car that was generously donated by the Daimler

Chrysler Corporation. My 2007 Jeep Compass has become my home.

Through the trip I have learned that from people to large

corporations, this country believes in helping others pursuit their


Through 38 states I have posted over 300 blog entries and over 1700

photos. Currently on the website people can share a description of

their hometown, nominate a host for the remaining states, and much

more as people follow my journey.

It's a big country with big opportunity. Get out there, dream big,

use your resources, do what it takes to make it happen, and always

bring your camera.

Justin "Bugsy" Sailor is a 24-year-old native of Michigan. He

graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in sociology and

advertising. Get connected with Justin at

3 responses

  • Megan Noble

    Megan Noble gave props (18 Oct 2008):

    That is exactly what I've always wanted to do!

  • Jared Burleson

    Jared Burleson gave props (17 Aug 2009):

    awesome story

  • Benjamin Sixberry

    Benjamin Sixberry gave props (25 Aug 2009):

    I've been wanting to tour every state too, I would love to do this with Canada and Mexico also.

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