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First of all you have to have a dslr camera or a film, but I use a dslr. A flashlight any color, perferably led white. You put your camera on a shutter time and you take your flashlight and you draw in the air towards the camera so it can capture everthing you're doing. If you are doing something that doesnt take that much time make it a short shutter time because it will come out better. It will normally look brighter if you leave a flashlight I one spot for a longer time. You should experiment what you are doing, go into a bathroom or any place with a mirror and watch yourself do it. The first time you do it normally it doesnt come out right, so you have to keep to it to make it perfect. Me and my friend would spend hours just doing light painting and we might only get a few that we like. Flashlight painting can be very dificult but it is very easy to learn. If you end up getting really into flashlight painting you can use all sorts of things as lights, to change colors and size. For a couple of my pictures I used a taped up light saber. It worked really well you can tape them up to get different designs and lines for your pictures. I also have used my ipod touch, I got the application "flashlight," and I used that. It makes your ipod change colors and it really turns out good on the pictures. You can also use leds to make different colored pinstripings. Me and my friend are still trying to figure out how to do so. We have seen many pictures of where people have done that and they look amazing. There is another idea we have heard that we still need to try out. You take a flashlight and you pin it to the celing. Then you take your camera and put it underneath it looking upand you spin the camera in a circular motion. From what I have seen it looks great. whoever is reading this I hope you took something form what I wrote and turn it into a great idea. If you try anything please keep me up dated or give me ideas I am open for anything. :)

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  • Lacey R.

    Lacey R. gave props (3 Feb 2009):

    That's cool!

  • Christopher J Chalk

    Christopher J Chalk gave props (27 Feb 2009):

    Great story, thanks for the info:)

  • *Tim Needles

    *Tim Needles gave props (4 Mar 2009):

    Cool story

  • Ash Brown

    Ash Brown gave props (18 Jun 2009):

    awesome story and awesome photos! definitely have my vote. thanks for sharing this!

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