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Fisheye madness

Joe and Cesar

Bored with your photos? Tired of taking pictures of the same friends over and over? Here is a new tip to add some effects and excitement into your photography... and it's easy! Sometimes I want to go out and take serious photographs, travel photographs, photographs to induce change and stock photographs. Other times I just want to snap photographs of friends and have a good time.

My friends and I developed this technique pretty much just hanging out at bars, pubs, and restaurants. Using a DSLR you can look at your results quickly and make changes as you go along.

First off, buy a fisheye lens (obviously). You can buy a fisheye extension that fits on like a filter for very cheap (around $50USD). I would recommend making sure that it fits a zoom lens (18-55mm) to maximize your possibilities.

Next, use a slow shutter speed: I recommend playing around and experimenting between 5 seconds and 1/15 of a second.

Lastly, zoom in or out ever so slowly. You can also try moving the camera from side to side or spinning it in a circle. Add a flash to freeze a frame in the picture.

Experiment and try your own techniques... the sky's the limit! For this series I used a Pentax k20 body, Pentax 18-55mm zoom lens and a Phoenix Super Fish Eye Lens 0.25X. When you buy this lens and others like it they'll come with adapters to fit multiple lenses.

I know it may sound simple but the results are often chaotic and crazy and there's no need for Photoshop (or maybe there is?). At the end of the night everybody will be begging you to take a picture of them (do you hear $?)! Bottom line: You have nothing to lose. It's easy, cheap, and will hopefully give you some variety.

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