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Me, My Old Nikon Lens, and Black and White Processing in-camera....

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What I love about my current digital camera is its fascinating old lenses which could be attached to it. I'm currently using 50mm/f1.4 Ai-s lens and dedicated myself to always use it. Since its an old lens, I could only use M mode and do the manual focus. However, I found it's fun because I could practice my senses more than automated. What's the result? fascinating, so sharp. Believe me, you should try it sometimes.

Once, I read some tutorial books and digital photography magazines, and found out that many experts suggest to take a color (normal) photo and processed it digitally to change the color tone. I agreed at first, until a friend taught me not to do that. She suggest to take the Black & White originally from the camera, just like an old film. I found it hard at first, but the it was really great! the saturation, contrast shades and the black & white tone are so much different than any digitally processed photo.

Many people might not agree with me in this technique, but if you look at details more carefully, the tone wasn't as flat as digitally processed. It's like its meant to be black and white, and I'm loving it each time I took a picture.

So, I keep my KIT lenses in my dry-box and took many pictures as I can with my old lens, and of course in Black and White...

You could see some of them in my gallery, hope you like it!

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2 responses

  • Bob Douglas

    Bob Douglas gave props (7 Apr 2009):

    Smae here I've recently added a 50m 1.4 to my kit and have rarely switched lenses since. The 50mm is my mainstay for now.

  • Irvan Lubis

    Irvan Lubis gave props (7 Apr 2009):

    hi bob! yep, me too. I rarely change lenses since it practices my eyes more than any zoom lenses. thx.

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