The Project

what fun !!

126/465 - wanna go outside?
the concorde
the wee forest
Room with a view
8/365 - gimme a V
omg - 4/365
lights, camera....
50/365 - I quit
come to my window
in town down pour

fifteen years ago I left the washington dc area after teaching old school photography and working as a full time photo journalist for a number of years...having four or five hundred photos published...

off I ran to arizona, another land, another mind set...another world.....not much color and a different ph in the water...hmmmm

then things changed....

darkroom chems stored in a shed got up to 200 degrees and everything imploded and exploded at the same time I think...selenium is not pretty in this all my coveted photographic paper (zone VI "brilliant" fiberbased...omg) exposed itself... my film cans leaked/baked in the relentless sunbeaming all the damn time, things curled up and blew away... my darkroom got shoved into a closet and another life evolved...I put down my camera...

for 14 years I worked my ASS off in arizona,as a bankruptcy analyst then a webmaster for worldcom.....learned coppersmithing (az is the copperstate) as a hobby / release.... when I was laid off from wcom I began working as a full time coppersmith...never looked back.

now I am back in the dc area after the sudden death of my oldest son, doug, aged 29 where my remaining three sons and two grandson live...and I'm coping with the change..

I thought I could get back into teaching b&w darkroom, old school medium format, infrared, polaroid image transfer workshops, you know, all the old fun stuff, BOY WAS I WRONG.

the schools only wanted me to teach coppersmithing because they ONLY teach digital photography now...and ... digital happened while I wasn't paying attention....

anyway, last year a dear west coast nut/efriend of mine suggested jpgmag to learn digital and get into the technology so I could return to teaching photography again...

so this is where i"ve been...learning digital photography and software manipulations...little tips here and there...very dear relationships made here and there...

but as a digital has been a little more intimate and interpersonal for me than usual.

so alas...I have in two weeks my first digital photography class. wish me luck. what if no one shows up.?

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13 responses

  • Dorothy Menosky

    Dorothy Menosky gave props (5 May 2009):

    I like this. You've got my vote.

  • diana

    diana (Deleted) gave props (5 May 2009):

    great story! congrats on your teaching assignment!! have a ball!!!

  • petey whitelaw

    petey whitelaw gave props (5 May 2009):

    this was just too good. im in.

  • Karen Zimmerman

    Karen Zimmerman gave props (6 May 2009):

    I love it. VOTED!

  • Sonia Adam Murray

    Sonia Adam Murray gave props (6 May 2009):

    Peggy you have had a challenging and interesting life and it sounds as if you have fallen back into your niche, congratulations. I voted.

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (7 May 2009):

    you definitely will do great in this new endeavor, PG. You have my confidence and yeah, you rocks!

  • Lindsay

    Lindsay gave props (8 May 2009):

    you'll do fine. and people will show up. you rock! i'm so glad i met you here. :) and this is a def. yes. needs to be published! :)

  • peggy gardner

    peggy gardner said (18 May 2009):

    thanks, I was so excited to hear the class was full !!!

  • J. Harris Blacklist

    J. Harris Blacklist gave props (19 Jun 2009):


  • Nelson Campbell

    Nelson Campbell (Deleted) gave props (30 Sep 2009):

    Dang Peggy - I just saw this! We need an update!

  • Michele Randell

    Michele Randell gave props (18 Nov 2009):

    What a great story Peggy and images to match ! I hope your students have matched your infectiousness for life and embracing the new !

  • Karen Kelly-Fetter

    Karen Kelly-Fetter (Deleted) said (13 Jan 2010):

    I'm actually looking for a coppersmithing class in the DC area! Are you the same Gardner who teaches an ACE class in Fairfax County? Do you give private lessons?

  • Joy B

    Joy B gave props (1 Apr 2012):

    Hope all is going well. I didn't see this before!!

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