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Life Without Limbs

Life Without Limbs: Nick Vujicic

Millions of people have lost their jobs in a matter of months. Many businesses that were going on strong for decades are now closing its doors. My family, too, has been deeply affected due to the declining economy.

But even with everything that is going on around me...I am once again reminded about how blessed I am when I ran into some old photos that I took in February 2007. My daughter asked me to take her to an event to listen to a guy named Nick Vujicic. I couldn't believe the number of young people that came out to listen to this man. The hall was packed with people, young and old alike. When Nick finally entered the room it became so quiet you could almost hear a pin drop.

Nick entered the room in a wheelchair, and was carried onto the small stage to stand on top of a table. I couldn't believe my eyes...for the man had no limbs – no arms, no legs!

Nick was born in December 1982 in Melbourne, Australia, without any limbs. The doctors were just as shocked as the parents for there was no medical reason for his condition. He is missing both his arms at shoulder level, and having only one small foot with two toes protruding from his left thigh. Growing up, he was one of the first disabled students to be integrated into mainstream school system where he learned how to write with his left "foot".

During his motivational talk he demonstrated how he could throw a tennis ball as well as get a glass of water. He also showed us how he could get down on his stomach and then pick himself right up again. Being teased and bullied at school due to his physical disabilities, Nick admitted to having bouts of depression as a child, and even contemplated suicide by the tender age of eight. With the love and support of his family...Nick was able to turn his misfortune around and used his accomplishments to help inspire and motivate millions of people around the world.

Today, Nick is a motivational speaker and director of "Life Without Limbs" an organization for the physically disabled.

We are faced with challenges on a daily basis...some good, some bad. But it all comes down on how we deal with it. Do we turn around and run from it, or face it head on? Attitude is everything. If Nick can overcome his obstacles in spite of his missing limbs...then so can I.

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4 responses

  • Rey mos

    Rey mos gave props (22 May 2009):

    Sometimes we pity them for having such disabilities but on the other hand, they could inspire us to treasure our lives as a normal person.

  • Martin E. Morris

    Martin E. Morris (Deleted) gave props (23 May 2009):

    Great words and images of a great man. Voted!!!

  • patrick john o'doherty

    patrick john o'doherty said (27 May 2009):

    nice story man.

  • Lisa Starling

    Lisa Starling gave props (28 May 2009):

    A very inspiring story! Thanks for sharing. Great pictures.

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