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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls Night Out

I guess you could say that teenage girls are a pimple on the face of civilization, and I guess in a way we are. But, do you ever wonder why we do the things we do? Most of the time, it's not to be popular, or to get the guy that we want, or be successful. It's to be different. To be ourselves. We have a way of knowing exactly what someone thinks of us when they look at us, and we use that to our advantage. We know what it takes to be noticed, and that is fun. Everybody notices a pretty smile, or a brightly coloured head of hair. It is true, girls just want to have fun.

My friends. My homegirls. My posse. No matter what I call them, they are the people that make up who I am. We do the craziest, stupidest things together, and I love them for just that. Whether we are playing Dance Dance Revolution, pushing each other around in shopping carts, making a scene at the pool, or sitting in the school yard, these girls make my life more interesting. They are the cheese to my macaroni, the James to my Bond, and the chip to my chocolate.

{Dedicated to the likings of My Girls: Leana Sturn, Hailey Larson, Lara Breeden, Andi Sherman, Darian Silva, Taylor Ward, MaryJane Guerra, Pamela Diaz, Kaylee Snyder, and Kayli Roth}

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