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Colour Theory With Golden Light and Silhouettes

Golden Sonata

Colour is the life-blood of our eyesight. Without the ability to perceive colours, the world would have been monochromatic to our eyes. Imagine that we would have never known that the sea is blue and sunsets are golden. Our life is being rendered joyous by the different colours we perceive every moment. But we rarely notice it or realise this. So on celebration of colour, I chose to find out how beautiful it can be to have black silhouettes on the backdrop of golden pallet. Black and golden colours are so strongly contrasting that they mesmerise the eyes. Our own world appears euphoric to us. This project of mine explores the beauty of black and golden colours. I tired to have small splashes of black on a canvas painted with golden hue.

I have taken the photographs during sunrise and sunset. I used combination of smaller apertures, moderate shutter speeds, and low ISO; or wider apertures, higher shutter speeds, and low ISOs, in order to get silhouettes on the backdrop of golden colour. White Balance was set to Daylight, and sometimes to Cloudy. I decided not to erect tripods and take arranged shots, but go straight for candid shots. And it was a different joy altogether. Wonderful canvases of golden colour were painted with black and beautiful forms enlivening the grandeur of the gold in total naturalness. Those times when the golden sun came up and came down, the paintings had to be beautiful for such bright golden colours and the beautiful life vibrant and ecstatic on it. For me, painting photographs with the colour of gold with dark splashes of life was an enlivening experience. It was one of my perspectives of how beautiful life is and how exotic our mother earth is.

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  • Alexandru Iedu

    Alexandru Iedu gave props (3 Jul 2009):


  • Umes Shrestha

    Umes Shrestha gave props (3 Jul 2009):

    Stunning !

  • Subhanjan Sengupta

    Subhanjan Sengupta said (3 Jul 2009):

    Thanks a lot.

  • Camil Seisanu

    Camil Seisanu gave props (9 Jul 2009):

    F A B U L O U S

  • Subhanjan Sengupta

    Subhanjan Sengupta said (9 Jul 2009):

    Thank you very much my friends. And thanks a lot to JPG for selecting this as Story of the week.

  • Christina Atik

    Christina Atik gave props (9 Jul 2009):

    love the photo essay! great silhouettes

  • Subhanjan Sengupta

    Subhanjan Sengupta said (10 Jul 2009):

    Thanks Christina.

  • Al Gieryna

    Al Gieryna gave props (10 Jul 2009):

    Great article, super photos!

  • Balaji Devaraju

    Balaji Devaraju said (11 Jul 2009):

    Engaging story! Loved every word of it and great shots!

  • Subhanjan Sengupta

    Subhanjan Sengupta said (13 Jul 2009):

    Thank you so much Gieryna and Devaraju

  • Mark Abramson

    Mark Abramson said (15 Jul 2009):

    So much wonderful truth to your story. Thanks so much for sharing. Stunning photographs!

  • Rey mos

    Rey mos gave props (16 Jul 2009):

    nice story! thanks for the tips as well.

  • Gaurav

    Gaurav gave props (20 Jul 2009):

    Amazing.. You have my vote!!

  • Carol Wingert

    Carol Wingert said (22 Jul 2009):

    beautiful photos!!!!

  • Alanna Shea

    Alanna Shea gave props (12 Aug 2009):

    This is amazing and the shots are beautiful.

  • Kismet Nakai

    Kismet Nakai gave props (9 Dec 2009):

    Golden sunsets make everything perfect.Brilliant have my vote.

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