Photo Essay



A nice lady with a dog: Why are you taking a picture of the side of a bus?

Me: Well, umm, I take these pictures of stripes and things...

Nice lady: Why?

Me: I scan them and put them on a website. Lots of people seem to like them.

Nice lady: They do?


A famous photographer mentoring a workshop in Tuscany: Does anyone have some photos they'd like to discuss?

Me: I have a few.

Famous photographer: Let's take a look...

Me: I think this one is my favorite from the trip so far.

Famous photographer: I see. What is it?

Me: It's the side of a van I spotted in Orvieto.

Famous photographer: It's...interesting. Do you have anything else?

Me: Well I like this one a lot too. It is a sign on the side of the road that was near the abandoned building everyone else was photographing. I was pretty pleased that I got the tip of the arrow to exactly touch the edge of the frame.

Famous photographer: Yes, it is quite symmetric. Did you shoot any of the abandoned building?

Me: No. But I got a good one of the side of our bus! Hold on, let me find it...


Nice policeman: What are you doing?

Me: Oh, hi! I'm just taking a picture of this sign.

Nice policeman: You can't stand on a ladder on the side of a highway.

Me: Really? This will just take a second.

Nice policeman: No.

Me: But I...

Nice policeman: No.

Me: I...

Nice policeman: Now.

7 responses

  • Alexander Bussey

    Alexander Bussey gave props (3 Dec 2008):

    i love those shots

  • visithra manikam

    visithra manikam said (5 Mar 2009):

    heheheh love ur story nice one

  • Terry DiFeliciantonio

    Terry DiFeliciantonio gave props (6 May 2009):

    This made me smile

  • christine kiebert-boss

    christine kiebert-boss gave props (7 Jun 2010):

    this is absolutely great!!!!

  • ale di gangi

    ale di gangi gave props (12 Feb 2011):

    totally agree :)

  • Epin Hervin

    Epin Hervin gave props (11 Jul 2011):

    Not the new photo concept but totally breakthrough story. Very genius.

  • Marco Martinez

    Marco Martinez gave props (11 Jul 2012):

    Your syories are awesome. I love the photographs. I would love to walk through my house and see stripes of color such as these

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