Photo Essay

Day 264 - 274/365

Falling Asleep • 273/365 •

September 14/2009 • i am about to change like the Chameleon

September 15/2009 • i am changing like the Chameleon

September 16/2009 • i've been stripped of all colour and am now Black & White

September 17/2009 • i am Enjoying a Fine Dinner with Fine Wine

September 18/2009 • i am Pondering... to open? - or not to open? this is the question

September 19/2009 • i am *Liking how this new Colour compliments my *Barefeet

September 20/2009 • i'm invited to be at a BBQ yet have chosen to stay *Home and soak me feet instead : )

September 21/2009 • i am 'stealing' the *Best - most Sweetest - Damn Tomatoes this side of Texas - !!YuM!! (a Friends garden)

September 22/2009 • i am *Honoured to be Highlighted ( : Thank You JPG : )

September 23/2009 • i ALWAYS fall asleep reading - Zzzzzzzzzzz.....

September 24/2009 • i don't *Cry over spilled milk : ( yet i may curse a lot!

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