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....a man with a thick Indian accent asked if I was Maura Wolfson-Foster. I instinctively replied, "No, she isn't here...." (thought he was a bill collector) He asked when "she" would be home. I angrily snapped, "Why are you calling me at 3:45 in the morning!?!" He inquired if I knew Jordan Foster -and said he was calling from Shands Hospital. I immediately admitted it was me & asked if my daughter was alright. He told me she had been in a car accident and was brought into the Trauma unit. She had given him my number. I apologized for being so abrupt & said I'd be right down.

A Mother's worst nightmare. I threw on a pair of jeans and top and ran down to the car. Driving at 80 miles an hour, with the emergency lights on, I get saying, "Please God, let her be okay, please. God let her be okay....", over and over again. And, I thought I didn't know how to pray!

When I arrived it took me 3 entrances, before I found one that was open. The policeman (this is downtown Jax) asked who I was there for - a nurse took me to Jordan. She was lying on a stretcher wearing a hospital gown. She briefly smiled, but was drifting off to sleep. I quickly checked to make sure she had both arms and both legs. Thank you God! They were waiting for the x-rays to come back, so I took some photos, even though they weren't allowed? Good news....nothing broken, just badly bruised and battered. I left to drive the car up to the entrance and the nurse brought Jordan out, without a wheelchair. Isn't that unusual? Was so relieved to bring her home safely!

Tomorrow, l will post 2 very strange photos of the sky I took, as we were leaving the hospital.

After, calling to leave messages at work to say we wouldn't be in, we slept til 2:30 in the afternoon. Then, we drove to Bailey's wrecking Service, so Jordan could sign the release to have the totaled car hauled away.

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40 responses

  • ♥ Cairenn ♥

    ♥ Cairenn ♥ said (24 Oct 2009):

    I am Grateful that All is Well - Rest up...

    Peace & Gentle (((HUGS)))


  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (24 Oct 2009):

    Thank you my sweet, ~M

  • Alexis - Now on Flickr

    Alexis - Now on Flickr gave props (24 Oct 2009):

    Thanks goodness all is well

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (24 Oct 2009):

    Alexis, thank you so much for caring.....xo, ~ M

  • Richard Knight

    Richard Knight (Deleted) gave props (24 Oct 2009):

    This is such a powerful photo essay and it is too close for comfort. You are right: A phone call in the middle of the night. It is reminiscent of the telegram delivered during World War II. Thank Heaven this had a benign outcome.

  • Sonia Adam Murray

    Sonia Adam Murray gave props (24 Oct 2009):

    Oh Maura what a horror story I am so sorry and I too am pleased that all is well. Relax a little and take care of you and your beautiful Jordan!!!!!!!!!!

  • eithne mythen

    eithne mythen gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    Such a well written essay Maura, my heart was beating. glad everything turned out ok, and like a true photographer you took your camera along and captured the lot, bravo..

  • Lynda Jeffers

    Lynda Jeffers (Deleted) gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    What a nightmare...but all has ended well thank goodness!!

  • Bruce Miller

    Bruce Miller (Deleted) gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    That's a hell of a story!! I'm so relieved that she's OK. Good therapy using the camera and all. You are a true addict to have taken it with you. I'll be thinking of you today. Rest, stay well, both of you...

  • Michele Randell

    Michele Randell gave props (25 Oct 2009): glad Jordan is okay.. a phone call in the middle of the night is so unnerving .now you both need to rest( hugs)

  • Alejandro González

    Alejandro González gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    exelente !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (25 Oct 2009):

    Dear Richard, Sonia Eithne, Lynda, Bruce, Michele, and Alejandro,

    Thank you very much....your words are so comforting. I really think of you all as my family!

    God Bless, ~ M

  • Joy B

    Joy B gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    I have chills reading this. Every mother's nightmare phone call. I'm glad everything turned out ok!

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (25 Oct 2009):

    Joy, you are so sweet. Thank you. xo, ~ M

  • dana io

    dana io gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    Oh I'm so glad everything turned out well and your beautiful daughter is fine!

  • Jack Sills

    Jack Sills (Deleted) gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    Thank's Be To God Your Daughter Is Safe. I Pray She Has A Speedy Recovery.

  • Dorothy Menosky

    Dorothy Menosky gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    Well done! And amazing to realize you brought your camera in the midst of all this turmoil. Thank God all is well.

  • Regenia Brabham

    Regenia Brabham (Deleted) gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    I am so glad that she is ok. As a mother, I know the dread of those middle of the night calls. I am sending prayers for a very speedy recovery. (For both of you) Great images and story.

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (25 Oct 2009):

    Dearest Dana, Jack, Dorothy and Regenia,

    Your compassion is such a blessing. Thank you! Love, ~ M

    p.s. It is weird that I took photos, but photography has become like therapy for me? On my way to the hospital, I saw some good shots, but knew I had to get to Jordan. When I saw her, I was so relieved & only then, was I able to use my camera. Think it helped that cameras are "not allowed"(I'm a rebel, at heart!).

  • claudia luthi

    claudia luthi gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    Good lord, Maura, what a story! And what a relief to hear that your beautiful daughter is okay! Now I understand the delicacy of these photos - and keep shooting and rebelling against the "not allowed" s!

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (25 Oct 2009):

    I love you Claudia!

  • Lindsay

    Lindsay gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    Thank God she is okay. I'm so glad she's alright.

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (25 Oct 2009):

    Love you, too, sweet Lindsay :)

  • Zerina Phillip

    Zerina Phillip gave props (25 Oct 2009):

    So brave to get this out there. Wonder story....Glad your daughter is okay.

  • Dawn Duffield

    Dawn Duffield (Deleted) gave props (26 Oct 2009):

    I am so very sorry, sorry you and Jordan had to go through this. Thank God she is alright!!! My heart and prayers are with you and your sweet daughter, my dear friend. May she heal at the speed of lightning, both physically as well as emotionally. I love you and will be thinking and praying for both of you.

  • Kaki J. Luitjens

    Kaki J. Luitjens said (26 Oct 2009):

    You are right, it is the parents worst nightmare. I am so happy to hear your daughter is okay. My thoughts and prayer will be with you. Thanks for sharing and breaking the rules:)

  • Judy Wanamaker

    Judy Wanamaker (Deleted) gave props (26 Oct 2009):

    The incident we all dread. What a wonderfully written photo essay, Maura. I thank God that Jordan and Bailey are going to be all right. voted.

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (26 Oct 2009):

    My love to Zerina, Dawn, Karin, and Judy....thank you my JPG family :)

  • david ong

    david ong gave props (26 Oct 2009):

    wow! glad no one is badly hurt, you must be very worry and tired.

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (26 Oct 2009):

    Thanks for your kindness David....a little shaken and stirred :/

    ~ but so grateful for my friends! xo, ~ M

  • Christopher J Chalk

    Christopher J Chalk gave props (27 Oct 2009):

    An angel is looking over your beautiful daughter, great essay!

  • Deborah Downes

    Deborah Downes gave props (27 Oct 2009):

    Oh, Maura, what a moving story with powerful photos to back it up. I'm so...thankful Jordan is okay. Wish I could vote more than once.

  • Thor Rasmussen

    Thor Rasmussen said (27 Oct 2009):

    It looks as though you used a camera phone for some of these pictures? The best camera is the one we are holding...

  • Rob Roy

    Rob Roy (Deleted) gave props (28 Oct 2009):

    AWEsome photo essay... but the kind I wish you'd not had the opportunity to write!! Glad you daughter was not more seriously injured!!

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster said (28 Oct 2009):

    My sweet JPG family, I cannot tell you how much you mean to me. Please, know I will be back in a few days. Need time to assimilate. Looking forward to viewing your photos when I return.

    Keep on shooting! :)

    My love & gratitude, ~ M

  • Lori D'Ambrosio

    Lori D'Ambrosio said (29 Oct 2009):

    OMG! I am so sorry. And I am glad that your daughter is OK. I had the very same thing happen with my daughter last year. She was OK too but the car was totaled and the health insurance took a year to sort everything out. In the meantime, my daughter was taken to collection by the hospital and before she even starts her life as an adult, she has bad credit!!!Being over 18 years old by a year, I am not allowed to take over without written permission. The hospital didn't even call me when it happened because she said not to. I know how it feels...

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (29 Oct 2009):

    I'm glad that Jordan is ok and I hope you are too! This is such a nightmare.Happened to me one night at 2 am. Got a call from my daughter, when I answered the phone I could hear noises but no one is answering. I got me worried thinking she was in some kind of trouble and trying to call me for help. Did not sleep that night and tried everything I can to get hold of her. Did not sleep the whole night. The following morning, I called her and she answered in a jolly mood and asked her why she called me. She was so sorry and apologized. She said that she might have stepped on her cell phone and hit the speed dial button with my cell phone. Ahhhh, I was so relieve but that is a total nightmare. Sorry, i just told it because i know how you felt. Take a rest now and enjoy your precious daughter. The jpg community is here for you.

  • Rhio9 (Rhio9)

    Rhio9 (Rhio9) (Deleted) said (3 Nov 2009):

    good story and wonderful pics to go with it

  • jen bellefleur

    jen bellefleur gave props (20 Apr 2010):

    somehow, i never saw this. jordan is a lovely daughter, and, i can only imagine your distress as you raced to the hospital. you and jordan make a lovely pair. xoj

  • Suzanne McGeady

    Suzanne McGeady said (14 Oct 2010):

    A traumatic from the heart essay. A mother's worst nightmare. Those phone calls in the middle of the night make your heart race a million miles an hour. So glad your daughter is okay physically. Would have been such a scary experience for her, and you. Take care of each other. Extraordinary photo.

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