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the park down the road

Mysterious Antique Matress Thingy
Up In The Everglades
Safari Clouds

Well I thought id go down to the park in my neighborhood thinking I might come across a few decent photos to take.When I got their I noticed a spot I hadent really noticed when I usually go their.I moved the brush away and came across what looked like a beat up matress or maybe a part of a couch? I realized when I looked over to see where it had come from that their were a few houses next to the woods.I started wondering why they threw it back their maybe to hang out? to make love?or maybe they were just too lazy to head to the dump and decided the only thing they could do is toss it over the fence.It was weird but I had found it.Now all I wanna do is go to different parks and see what else I can find.

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