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The Old West

Not too long ago I read a short blurb on how to be a great photographer. The writer said for every thousand pictures you take, you should look at ten thousand more from other photographers.

It's a good piece of advice. At least for me. From just viewing pictures here on JPG Magazine, I've grown, learned and been inspired.

As someone new to this art, I have a craving to snap photos unlike anything I've experienced before. I find it hard to sit still sometimes when I know I could be out shooting.

Being busy with work and a family leaves me staring at pictures from people who have the time to explore cool locations, old buildings, roads with fall colors and all sorts of venues, and longing to do the same.

To me, everything awesome was too far away to do. A new baby in your life can limit your ability to just go somewhere. A long drive downtown, a trip to the country or a vacation to another city. Everything around me is desert, bland and boring.

Until I opened my eyes and just took a drive.

I was working a lot this week and needed a break. I decided to just head a half mile south and go east and re-visit a spot where I like to watch meteor showers and see what happened.

The pictures you see here are a result of that trip.

A dirt road I never followed before suddenly became a new adventure. The road dropped into a riverbed that I never knew existed and cows were grazing...right here in the desert.

I was about to drive over some train tracks and decided I should stop and walk along them for a bit. I found an old foundation to a possible train depot and snapped one of my best photos to date, an HDR of the tracks and contrails criss-crossing the sky.

The entire exploration only took about an hour, but I walked away with a memory that will last a lifetime.

Never let your situation affect the beauty that is all around us. If you get discouraged because people are taking amazing pictures of snow covered mountains or ancient cathedrals, take a walk, or a drive, and just look around.

Chances are you might see something for the very first time.

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5 responses

  • Ahmad badwan

    Ahmad badwan said (13 Nov 2009):

    Nice it seems to me you be finally a good believer, Finally as i said all the time; It truth every thing you shot with lenses But do you believe in that shots!!

  • Ahmad badwan

    Ahmad badwan said (13 Nov 2009):

    Again its a manner should not be replace by gold

  • Beth Welliver

    Beth Welliver gave props (14 Nov 2009):

    Great photos and what you wrote is so true.

  • Steven Brooks

    Steven Brooks (Deleted) gave props (17 Nov 2009):

    Right on! Nice work!

  • Roxana Brivent-Barnes

    Roxana Brivent-Barnes said (12 Oct 2010):

    Brilliant shots, my vote!

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