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The Platonic Shutter

The Platonic shutter IV

The light fills the canvas and invades the sight in a connection between what is material and immaterial, resting on a silence against the dazing noise of the verifiable world, prolonging the mystic world and including notions of what is hidden and of the truth.

On the freezing of moments where the senses shut down, moving between the sensitive and intellectual soul, in the heart and mind undressed of artifices.

Through the light, a connection with the allegory of the cave that hides the world and reveals its shadows. This dark cave, the world surrounding the character, is thus kept in the twilight, occult, and, through it, beams of light are opened, enlightening essential fragments for a druidal search for the essence that reveals and irradiates a state, a musical expression of the subtle and the serene, of the arduous and the yearnings of the soul that is closed in shadows and enlightened simultaneously. Semi-ineffable states in which reflection instants are glimmered, nostalgias of a lost good, forgotten in the twilight, hesitant between the dream and the reality at reminiscence.

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  • mahesh haris

    mahesh haris gave props (16 Nov 2009):

    Amazingly beautifully done. i give YEAH.

  • mahesh haris

    mahesh haris gave props (16 Nov 2009):

    Trully genious

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