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The Calendar

Lightning Bug
The Lighted Flowers
The Colors Duke The Colors

A few days ago my mothers friend was telling me that her friend was doing a calendar of different door entry ways which got me to thinking I have been taking alot of photos latley so I thought "wouldent it be a good idea to creat my own calendar?" So I am. Its a calendar of different lighting effects ive been doing at night with my camera.I started doing these not to long ago and love it I also like Taking photos of clouds and the sky.When its done ill be selling it so ill let you know when that is.I was hoping to have it done for 2010 but with the lack of decent photos I think ill push it back to 2011 just so it is perfect.I might also creat one of clouds to have a veriety of ideas flowing at once.but besides taking photos Ive been drawing and using photoshop. Art is my passion but I love movies and music as well.

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