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Kreddible Trout 3rd Place Photographer of the Year Competition

Kreddible Trout Photography's employee of the year, William Foley has won third place (!!!) in Digital Camera Magazine's Photographer of the Year 2009 - Destination Everywhere Category with his shot The S.S. Perception. This year's competition attracted more than 100,000 images by photographers from 126 countries around the world. There are 30 finalists.

Mr. Foley was surprised to have made the shortlist last month and is still on the floor giggling after getting the news this morning. He looks like we might need to call for some medical assistance. As we here at Kreddible Trout Photographic Industries try to keep things as professional as possible around the office, we've sent the rest of the staff home as the display of shock has become mildly embarrassing.

When asked what he was going to do with the 100 GBP winning he shrieked something about jube-jubes and a tiara, then continued to roll around on the floor.

The professional team here at KTP, under the advisement of out PR and Legal departments would like to extend bounteous thanks to Digital Camera Magazine/Photo Radar and are truly honored by this placement.

Thank you.

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