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The BigHeads Series

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I love the Smeegals
Pure Elegance.
Ray Carl Jr
Who Wants a Dog?
B Jo
Eric Miller
Big Head Last Supper

This project started as a promotional package for my friends website. The goal was to take the most unflattering images of each other as we could. We had so much fun doing these creepy pictures that I decided to develop it into a solid body of work.

The inspiration for this series comes from the discovery that every Victoria Secret model and pinup girl you will see today has been altered digitally into a completely new person. So I got the idea; "If they are going to use Photoshop to make people look good, I am going to make people look hideous".

The redneck portion of this project is my personal flare. This part of the project stems back to my roots growing up in rural mid-state Pennsylvania. This aspect of the images helped me set the mood for the project and also allowed me to go catfishing on my down time.

To date, this series has been exhibited in a gallery in Philadelphia, and will be the portfolio I show for my graduation. The project is in pure fun, and I know my models have enjoyed watching me turn them into monsters. The series is composed of two parts, the school pictures, and the environmental portraits. I have always loved cheesy studio portraiture like Olan Mills Studios and wanted to recreate some of their standards. My heart lies in location photography; I feel that the environment is just as important as the subject because it lets you see into the characters private world and get a better sense for who they must be.

The project has been a lot of fun but like all things it must come to an end. This series has taught me the value of going back and reworking my images. As my skill level increased, I went back and tweaked the older images with great success. It showed me that an artist's work is never done; there is always something else to finesse.

The series ended with the largest project I have tackled to this date, "The Bighead's Last Supper." This image is a compilation of friends as disciples and myself as Jesus (because I am a narcissist like that). The image started out as a hotdog eating contest, and then took a hard left turn somewhere down the road.

This set has been a blast to work on, and has gotten a lot of positive feedback. Even though I am done with it for right now, I am sure there will be a few more Cooter's to join the family. So go out there and drink whiskey, chew tobaccy and shoot guns. I know i will be.

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3 responses

  • Yves Harnois

    Yves Harnois said (3 Jan 2010):

    Very good project,I like the idea

    The technique is very interesting and well done.

    I like it alot

  • Alexander Bussey

    Alexander Bussey gave props (15 Jan 2010):


  • Karen Menyhart

    Karen Menyhart gave props (24 Jan 2010):

    great photographical satire! I am a big fan!

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