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New series and other notes


I have started a new series with the working title of "the humor of winter". It will be in 4x3 format plus landscape (horizontal). Hopefully everyone enjoys it.

This rest of this post is for Llorenç, but I thought I would share it. I am grateful for his feedback.

I am going to mostly shoot in landscape (horizontal) 4x3 (4:3) aspect ratio for next several weeks. (my 2 main pocket cameras both have these modes built in, the dslrs don't). I started on Sunday/Monday. Traditionally, I never liked the 4x3 format for shooting. Many photos, I have taken, I immediately want to crop to 3x2(3:2). Also I have used cropping often. For this experimentation, I will limit cropping (generally to just "square up" a photo). To improve, I need to start working with in more bounds for a while. Digital makes it too easy to not work within limits and bad habits grow.

In the next several days I will post a few photos that I feel the urge to crop on (I won't draw attention to them). If a photo would benefit from a crop, please provide feedback, but I would crop to 4x3.

If anyone wants a comparison of common aspect ratios here is the Wikipedia article. (see link below)

In addition there is the 1x1 (1:1), the square format.

As I move forward in coming months I will change to different aspect ratios.

4 responses

  • Llorenç Rosanes

    Llorenç Rosanes (Deleted) said (19 Jan 2010):

    Personally I enjoy each and everyone of your shots. I believe that, although we all think differently, a photo must be like each one previsualizes it in his mind. But I believe also that to give formal unit to a series is something completely necessary.

    I'll look forward for these photos that you feel the urge to crop...

  • Simon Kossoff

    Simon Kossoff (Deleted) said (20 Jan 2010):

    Great series so far, I love all these shots and the format too. This is the only format I use myself these days, pretty much..

  • A F

    A F said (21 Jan 2010):

    I think on the cropping, I have adjusted to the different format in the last day. On Monday, there are a few photos I have not posted that didn't seem right. On most of the pictures, I have tried spend the extra second or two for a better "framed" photo.

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