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The Streetfighterz - Ride of the Century


"Danger can only be overcome by more danger"

- Greek proverb

On Saturday September 8th, over 400 street riders met in downtown St. Louis to cruise the highways. Brought together by a local group named the Streetfighterz, this event, called the Ride of the Century, featured riders from across the country. As the group met at the floodwall near the Mississipi River, every rider was joyous with anticipation.

Hitting the roads at 4:00 PM, the pack presented an impressive site. As the riders started their bikes, the engine roar was deafening. Cruising the area with intense speed and energy; wheelies, combos, and tricks left regular drivers a gasp. The riders zipped in and out of traffic with utmost east and maneuverability.

To culminate the ride, the stunters quickly blocked off a section of highway 70 near the downtown area. Within seconds, traffic came to a standstill as riders showcased their skills on top of the freeway. For seven minutes, both sides of traffic were entertained by daredevil stunts.

As soon as the riders had arrived, they sped off to local bar Al Hrabosky's to continue the action. The parking lots were filled with smoke and action. Stunter after stunter zoomed across the pavement as bystanders looked on in awe.

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