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This is a Series of photos that I got of a Sumatran Tiger at the Phoenix, zoo. I was the only one around lucky enough to witness this fantastic display of a Tiger just being silly. I was at the right place at the right time!

I had to stick my 200 mm lens through a little square hole in the fence so being able to move around was very limited. He would play for awhile then stop and sit and look at me as if he was striking a pose. Then he would start back up again. Fantastic! He played like this for 20 minutes or so.

He is playing with a dead white rabbit. It was dead when it was given to him. Now, when I look at the photos I feel bad for the rabbit but at the time it happend I didnt even think anything about it.

Ive had these photos for awhile now and always really liked them but didnt know what to do with them to show others, so this is Great!

Thank You JPG

Tina Kunkle

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