The Project

V.O.P. Very Ordinary Persons

watching from the hole
it writes, writes...
in the street of Catania
Chinese girl
in the sun
passing 8

An installation from Antonello Incagnone & Antonella Ruggirello.

The installation is born from an idea that I follow for a long time. Common people in spaces and common times.

With my wife, that it has cured up-painted cut-in on the photos let alone the choice and the disposition of the objects in the space, we have thought that one of the greatest contradictions of the contemporary world is just the image.

Common people would kill themselves in order "to appear" and al same time hates "to be spied on" while, voyeur in action, it adores the gossip. The idea begins them of dealing like V.I.P. common people are themselves to evolving with the contribution of Antonella in the "elevation to icona", on the tracks of Andy Warhol, adding or evidencing details of the photo through up-painted cut-in.

3 panels with 5 photos (B&W printed) everyone of 30x150 cm covered the three walls available, while a German telescope of the '45 hung to flank of a panel with two eyes, of which one up-painted, while in an angle a low small table accommodated a reader of slides from table and the book of the companies.

But the installation had to interact with the visitor who had to become also he protagonist.

Then we invent ourselves "totem" on which they come applies to you to two eyes (up-painted photos) through which you can watch within being forced to fold to you. To the inside of totem a notebook with a presentation of 140 photo on the topic (to the job, in road, to the sea etc) in BW and colors on notes of Modern Times by Bob Dylan, that it came daily widened from photo of the persons who watched within the totem and of passing. Watching within, therefore, the visitor could see that others before he had been photographed in the action to watch and it was turned behind in order to control if also he...

Finally in the income, over an other decorated eye up-painted, an other notebook with webcam to mirror the images of the visitors that entered and exited.

The world of the "great brother" came in some reproduced way, in all its members, in 20 mq.

The project to be continued

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