My Precious

First Flush

PX100 Silver Shade/First Flush by The Impossible Project
PX 100 Box Shot

PX100 is an incredible new film. It's expensive, finicky, and requires a high degree of maintenance. When she delivers however, her beauty is esoteric. Like the elusive girl you are trying court, she never lets you know where you stand in the relationship. Occasionally in the blink of an eye, PX100 shoots you a sidelong glance and gives you that security you need. Oh you will waste a lot of film (and money) until you understand where and when to shoot, and even then you will waste a lot of film. (Be prepared).

After the death of Polaroid founder Edwin Land in 1991, Polaroid instant film began a downward spiral from which it never recovered; The onslaught of digital photography was the final nail in the coffin. Polaroid ceased all production of instant film in 2008. Even as Polaroid was dying, demand and enthusiasm for the film seemed to be growing as true fans became more passionate and dedicated to the instant analog print.

Enter The Impossible Project. The project's founder Florian Kaps, came up with the idea to buy the Polaroid equipment from the factory in the Netherlands. He rallied some former workers at the factory and starting working on a project to resurrect the integral print. These are the type of Polaroid prints that develop on their own without a peel apart layer. They are shot in cameras such as the iconic SX-70 and Polaroid 600 cameras.

They had to re-create the film from scratch as the chemicals required were no longer produced. The film is not perfect but in a way the effort itself was perfection. What they did was just incredible. A color version of the film is on the way. Please enjoy the photos. All photos were taken with my super sweet SX-70 Alpha 1 camera.

4 responses

  • Alexis - Now on Flickr

    Alexis - Now on Flickr said (12 Apr 2010):

    Great essay Scott. If I understand correctly, the film that Polaroid has now announced they are going to make will be different from the Impossible Project film?

  • Scott Sandler

    Scott Sandler said (12 Apr 2010):

    No Polaroid does not make instant film anymore. It's a completely new company called the Impossible Project producing the film with the old equipment. The film is made to work with Polaroid cameras however. I believe they are also working on a new camera.

  • Justin Simenson

    Justin Simenson (Deleted) said (12 Apr 2010):

    I got a Polaroid 800 from a friend and am in the process of converting it to a 4x5 format camera.

    I wish the impossible project was making instant film that fit my camera, but I am now on the look out for an SX-70.

    Thanks for the great article.

  • Epin Hervin

    Epin Hervin gave props (6 Sep 2010):

    Polaroid never disappointed

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