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10 years ago !


I know it very well. I spent a couple of weeks in the USA and was in Chicago end of May. While I have not changed my camera gear in terms of lenses - the bodies that were in use were quite different. They were loaded with film. With ILFORD'S PAN F 50 to be precise. Looking at these photographs today, I feel a bit sad, that despite the fact that certain kind of films are difficult to get these days, also Post Production was different and more time consuming. You were working hard in order to see if all the effort was worth it. The moment you first time saw the images after the films were developed, then checking the contact print with a loupe, deciding which ones to enlarge, then spending hours in the dark room ... Some of you know what I mean. I do appreciate the modern digital hybrid work flow, I am using today, but still I do miss the old times. And yes, it's time to take out my medium format 6x6 camera, load it with some film and shoot. Just to be able ask one day "What photo project have you been working on twenty years ago ?"

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  • Sabina Zych

    Sabina Zych (Deleted) said (25 May 2010):

    these are great. i sure do miss film!

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