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Why I choose to be square.

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Growing up, photography was a medium way out of my league; financially. So--when on rare occasions I found myself having the ability to take a photo or two--need I say how thrilled I was. The envy I felt of those who possessed that strange apparatus took a momentary backseat.

When a friend of mine gave me my first camera---I found myself having the ability to freeze frame the moments that would incite aspirations for paintings.

I never considered photography a medium for expression--for me at least.

Until--with the passing of time--I began to sort of fall in love with the results of exposed imagery. In particularly the ability to create double exposures--often by accident.

Anyway--the reason for this essay isn't about the history of my eyes--but why --over the development of time--and the digital era--I opt for certain post-editing processes.

When I first started using a digital camera --which was about 2005---I really did not take to it.

It gave the ability to over do the snap and point --I mean point and shoot.

Film affords more conscientiousness about what one is using their precious film on.

When I would see the results of the pixelation of my eyes--I sort of leaned towards being a purist. Any post editing processes were cheating the medium. Discrediting any true ability or eye for photography.

Yes---being an idealist affords strong principles to live up to.

But--as most folks eventually cut their hair--we sort of come to a more balanced approach towards our ideology.

The end result for photography as art--is to create an image that projects the visionary creation of ones mind.

The end result is to be a framed or unframed presentation --a 3dimensional reality.

So a person really needs to give thought to composition...yes...preferably when shooting...but what of certain photos that just dont feel right?

Should we forfeit them because they lack the right edge?

I would have--as you will note in the comparison photos.

Yes--Squares can be overdone and an easy way out of bad framing--but they can also allow someone to play alittle with their work.

Too--Is is wrong to re-size a geometric image?

Is that cheating?

I thought so for the longest time--OK--for three years.

But--I have readjusted my thinking ...

Yes--I have re-sized my pixels.

Do I know what I am talking about? ( big shrug here)

All I can say--is I know what I am looking at.

And while my appreciator for film and usage of it--will never die...I will allow myself to have fun with my pixels.

In the past three years--I have learned alot about the manual functions of a camera...having purchased a DSLR.

If any post processing is done...I will claim it--state I am still an idealist in speaking trust and call a true square- for what it is.

Looking back at what I shared here--I can see so many errors of bad post processing. It feels good to progress in ones efforts.

To know what to do and what not to do...

I am so happy to have received as a gift a 50mm lens to create authentic blur!...yummy abstractions for days...

But I digress....

Back to the square.

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  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster gave props (17 Jun 2010):

    enthusiastic vote! - informative and very well illustrated. Thank you.

  • Swapnil Acharya

    Swapnil Acharya (Deleted) gave props (17 Jun 2010):

    this is an excellent documentation. thanks for sharing! :D

  • Paul Lavallee

    Paul Lavallee gave props (18 Jun 2010):

    Love these!

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