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Summertime - Starting To Have Fun Yet?

Can You Let Me Know When We Start To Have Fun?

"It's summertime and the living is easy!" Those carefree lazy seemingly endless hot days we remembered from when we were kids have returned. The warm sunshine absent for too long, feels good again on our pale northern skin, slowly reddening from the burst of UV exposure. All our cares and worries disappear for a short while and it feels so good to be alive! We smile for no other reason than purely for the sake of it! The long dark days of winter are banished behind us and are but just a distant memory, it's time now to have a little fun and indulge our long dormant and often overlooked childhood selves again!

The air is mixed with the sounds of children's laughter and the murmer of people catching up with old friends at the beer tent, along with the distant beat of the music from the local LIVE band "LOKI" playing to a small but appreciative audience! The familiar smokey scent of barbequed chicken and hamburgers wafts over the crowd tantalising them to come closer and sample what the guys have been creating all afternoon! The Stonehaven Charity fun day is in full swing. This is "Kevin's Day".

Sadly he is no longer around to enjoy it as he died a few years ago from Lukeaemia. The family fun day paying tribute to Stonehaven boy Kevin Humphreys, who died in 2001 aged 15, was held in the grounds of Mackie Academy in Stonehaven,Scotland where he went to school, it was set up in his memory by his grieving parents to honour his memory and raise money for cancer charities! So touching to see how the family made something positive from such a negative experience! I'm sure Carol Humphrey's boy would have loved everything she has done in his name and to see so many thousands of people with a similar zest for life and sense of fun coming together and having a great day out in the sunshine!

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