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History be gone...

Llansannen Barn I

This is an old barn in Llansannen, Wales and is currently being redeveloped. The irony is that in addition to the inevitable views and rural life style that made this place such an attractive proposition to the new owner the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the building (doors high up on the wall, odd light fittings, exposed beams and nails etc) also helped to 'sell it'.

However, redevelopment inevitably means that most (if not all) of these features will be lost to modernity. They will be replaced or covered up with mass produced plastic and chrome, plaster not wattle and daub, and modern colour schemes. Walls will be removed to allow for modern windows revealing the views outside and those features that are kept will be aesthetic features only, no longer functional.

I can't help feel that although saving these buildings from dereliction is a good thing, we are doing so by ripping out their souls!

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