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Flag Ponds Nature Park

Flag Ponds is about 15 minutes from my house... Why I've only been there twice is beyond me.

After passing a series of powerlines, single-vehicle sized roads, a toll booth, and maybe a tree or two (God, there's thousands...) you approach a maze of nature paths. Some lead to beaches, others to a swamp, and I'm convinced some lead to Narnia (there are some paths so long, I've just turned around for fear of getting lost...) Regardless, there are always things to take pictures of, although, I've noticed that the bugs and creatures like to come out in the spring. Visit in the fall, and you'll get a few good scenic pics. DO NOT, however, go during the winter. Everything is dead.

If you're ever in the Calvert County area, check this place out. Bring 4 bucks.

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