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Memories of Dad

the memories of dad

My girlfriends 12 year old sisters father and my girlfriends stepfather passed away about two years ago.It was of course a troublsome time for everyone but of course more so for my girlfriends sister since of course that was her father.She remembers all the good times when she was younger but as she got older the memories faded away and they grew apart.So when he passed away she decided to creat a box and find all those memories she remembered so that they wouldent fade away again and so that he will always be right their beside her even if he wasn't physically their to hold her hand.Since hes passed away things in their family have turned for the worse and she has come to live with me and my girlfriend for the time being and I came across this box and decided that it would be a perfect photo to shoot it says so much without saying anything at all and it is just perfect.

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