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Gallery display - opening night success


After all these years shooting for myself, with the seriousness of a professional. Last night, made it all real. It took quite a bit more effort to get this project together. Took some investing as well as time doing some promo. But it all came together beautifully.

I had submitted my work for display at Broadway Suites back in April 2010 for opening in May. However the body of work i presented that time had much similarity to an already accepted artist for the May opening. At that point it was time to re-think my work and come up with something different to what others were currently showing.

"Perceptions" the collection i finally presented in August 2010 came about after much pondering on the subject of life, experience and struggles. It wasn't really tied into any images i had but it got attached to some shoots i did a few days after. Once i looked at the images, it clicked. The collection got narrowed down and its currently on display at one of Broadway Suites today.

My thought of me as a photographer became more significant, as i was getting this project together. Little by little. As i got the prints, framed each piece and later on mounted them i felt more in tune with this aspect of myself, my creative side was happy. Last night came by and it all felt surreal. I'm not sure how others perceive my work (no pun intended) but i felt at home in that setting and it was a great experience to be able to show in a tangible fashion my work, to have someone consider it good to show on their walls. After getting the pats in the back from my friends the hard work started though, going around and introducing myself to those i didn't know, to the other artists who's work was beautifully displayed on the other hallways. I made some potential contacts and now I'm hoping this pays off. It was a great experience in my personal and photographic growth.

Now, I'm looking forward to more avenues and more ways to make my work seen.

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