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Gypsies-"Super people"

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Gypsies, often called Romani or Domari, are made up of two groups: the Ghorbati and the Nawari. Both groups speak a dialect of the Gypsy language called Romany, which is related to the North Indo-Aryan language of India. Their dialect, Domari, contains many Arabic words.

Gypsies call themselves Rom, which in their language means "men." Rom is derived from the Indian word Dom, meaning "a man of low caste who gains his livelihood by singing and dancing." The Ghorbati are named from the Arabic word, gurbet, which means "stranger." In the Arab world, Gypsies are called Nauar, hence the Nawari Gypsies.

The problem of the "Rom" or Gypsies has deep cultural roots. A radical lack of alternatives, marginalization, doors to a different future shut tight. The inescapability of this condition is at the core of this project. In the Rom culture, traditional elements and codes � the ethnic identity � are kept alive by inter-generational relations. Ethnic identification through self-perception � the ability to identify oneself with one's ethnic group � is quite strong among the Rom and the women, with their keen maternal instinct, raise their children to the same destiny, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle.

It is difficult to change the order of things. Born a Rom, die a Rom.

Today, Gypsies are "Super people" - They do not have their land and live in all countries of the world, do not have your music and play all the music of the world, do not have their own language and speak all the languages of the world, do not have their religion and have all the religions of the world - and no one feels deprived , no one feels "threatened." They do not have their government, they do not have their own army and do not think they have it- why should when they do not have their state. They do not mean to attack anyone or win - and why should, but they are all already won through peaceful means.

These photographs are evidence!

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