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Avenue of the Giants

Scars of the Past

While I was visiting CA for a friend's wedding, I was able to get out into the redwood groves for some shooting. Let me first start off by saying that NOTHING really prepares you for how big these trees actually are. They are astounding. So worth the trip to see.

I got to visit a museum which displayed the logging techniques that were used back in the early 20th century when cutting down these beasts was legal and happened often. Trees with diameters of more than 20 feet were felled, and today almost all the trees that size are completely gone.. Now, of course, they are protected, but the scars of a more careless time are still visible in the forest.

It sounds hard to believe that giant redwoods were growing all over the planet at one time. But, if you look at the photo of me in the title shot of this story, you can well believe that I could easily park my Jeep on its stump. This one giant log may have built an entire town.

Another thing to notice is the small holes drilled into its side. Initially I thought these were put there specifically for climbing the stump, but on further exploration I found out that loggers used these holes to put 2x4s in, in order to stand on while they cut the tree down.

Yet more of the trees are taken down by nature. Lightning strikes, fires, high winds, the odds are stacked against them. When they were felled by loggers, a special bed was created for them to fall into, otherwise they will simply shatter when they hit the ground, leaving them useless and rotting.

As majestic as these trees are, it made me a little sad to see that they are being destroyed at a faster rate than they can grow. Im glad I got to spend some time here, though, with these living beings some of which are older than Christianity.

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  • Rey mos

    Rey mos gave props (22 Oct 2010):

    Wow amazing place! It reminded me of my hometown in the Philippines

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (30 Oct 2010):

    Hell YEAH! Rad!

  • dp *

    dp * gave props (2 Dec 2010):

    Way RAD for sure.

  • Roxana Brivent-Barnes

    Roxana Brivent-Barnes said (3 Dec 2010):

    Spectacular shot, love it and yesss one more time!

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