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Blackie Lawless 4

My photographs are meant to showcase the expressiveness of performers at a variety of Heavy Metal concerts that I attended during the month of November 2010. The reason I have chosen this topic is because I am a huge fan of Heavy Metal music. I believe that the performers on stage display a variety of emotions that can be related to the feelings they have for their music. Heavy Metal is an underrated music genre and it is notably due to their extreme take on how to act on stage and the use of loud guitars and drums. However, my belief that the emotions that show during their live sets are testament to the fact that they have such a strong connection with what they are singing that they get caught up in the moment and make for some great photo ops.

The concerts I went to were both Heavy Metal gigs for the bands W.A.S.P and Exodus. Each band is equally as influential but differs when it comes to sound. Exodus are heavier sounding band and this means that they are more prone to screaming and shouting during their songs making the expressions of the singer quite interesting to look at. The photographs I have taken of the band Exodus show the anger that is displayed in their political based songs. Their lead singer Rob Dukes has great stage presence and was quite difficult to photograph as he is constantly head banging during their set. One of the images I managed to capture shows the lead singer on his knees singing to the crowd and since the "iso" levels are dropped a lot of the image is out of focus and blurry, catching the green lights from the stage and creating a wonderful image of the band. It helps show the motion that is prominent at most metal gigs.

When it came to the W.A.S.P photographs I was spoiled for choice. I was front row for the entire gig and was able to capture some magnificent photographs of the lead singer Blackie Lawless. W.A.S.P are noted for playing a lot of ballad songs during their set and this was no exception. During ballad songs like "then idol" you cannot help but get caught up in the emotion that their lead singer is displaying. With his head held high and sweat pouring down his face he is literally screaming at the crowd in pain as he sings about how he left home at a young age and had to deal with the struggles of being a musician. The expressions I had captured from his performance are some of my favourite photographs I have ever taken.

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