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44/365 The Summer of My Joy

I recently felt ashamed at my actions towards another photographer on JPG someone whom I I consider is a fine photographer but also a cherished friend.Due to a private unresolved issue between the two of us due to an adjustment to lifestyle we had decided to no longer keep in touch but always in spite of our falling out my respect for him had remained ....tarnished for a period I will be honest by heated words which involved banishing his beloved cd mix of music with an angry flick of my wrist to the back floor of my car never to be played again. Deep down though over time we both realised we still cared about each other as a friends and in fact cherished and wanted to further nurture that friendship

I was mortified that I allowed myself to forget that initial friendship and so over time we made contact again with both making the necessary steps as intelligent and I like to think evolved adults to forgive...

I can't tell you what pleasure it gave both of us but perhaps will quote from a passage from a book called Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss...

"As I stress in all my work,choice is your greatest power.It is an even greater power than love, because you must first choose to be a loving person.For example, take the simple matter of someone apologizing to you for having spoken thoughtlessly or hurtfully. In that one instant,the power of transformation rests entirely with you. You can transcend the density of your anger and choose to forgive,transmuting that instant into an exchange that restores energy to both of you...or you can repress your divine nature and cause that potential opportunity for healing to become a contaminated energy transaction.Choosing to act in accordance with your divine potential consolidates the power of your many "faces", your inner and outer worlds.

Your divine potential can often be heard speaking to you through your conscience , when you know you have acted inappropriately.We have all felt the heavy,gut wrenching sensation of guilt when we have judged another,broken our word or passed up on an opportunity that came our way. If you look closely at this feeling,you can sense it is the result of repressing or acting against your divine potential.Conversely, you can also recognise the feeling of cellular harmony and health that comes from acting with love,compassion, generosity and friendship"

I might add I was reading this exact page when this person emailed me to discuss forgiveness...I am a spiritual person but not at all religious but I knew this was a sign or inroad to make peace with this person and turn a negative experience into something truly positive..

I am truly glad I did as it has brought a new found peace in my life and also immense joy to have rediscovered that friendship with fresh eyes..

So do what you can for this New Year to heal old wounds with openness and share the love and in turn happiness will reach every corner of your world just as it does mine..


( The goodness in me respects and acknowleges the goodness in you with infinite openness)

It's not a bad mantra to live by .....

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  • Kathleen Mercado

    Kathleen Mercado (Deleted) said (6 Jan 2011):

    So glad I ran across your post this morning.

    Love you:)

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (8 Jan 2011):

    I love your essay. It really hit home if I may say. Good for both of you that it finally was resolved.

  • Jean Vaillancourt

    Jean Vaillancourt gave props (10 Jan 2011):

    Thanks for this essay Michele. I comes in a good moment. Namaste :-)

  • ! Mario Scattoloni ¡

    ! Mario Scattoloni ¡ gave props (11 Jan 2011):

    Here here & well said Michelle.Thank goodness that you are a caring enough individual to be annoyed at your own actions to resolve this issue & redefine your friendship. Best with it all.

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