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I've had the privilege of knowing Foster Huntington for a little over 2 years. He was actually one of the people that influenced me to become a photographer, as well as realizing that you need to look at things from a different perspective in order to truly understand them. The other day, I sent him an email asking if he'd answer some questions for me, here they are:

CB: Tell me a little bit about yourself: your job, history, any basic information.

FH: I grew up in and around Portland, Oregon, went to college in Maine and now live in New York and work in design.

CB: How long have you been taking photographs?

FH:I started taking photos in the fall of 2008, so two and a half years.

CB: What's your equipment that you are using now?

FH: I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark II, my iPhone 4 and occasionally a Polaroid Image Pro. I shoot with a Zeiss 35mm f2.0 on my 5d. I try not to use a flash and shoot in raw.

CB: How did your blog, A Restless Transplant, come into existence?

FH: I started my blog as a vehicle to share my pictures. I was reading a bunch of men's wear blogs and looking at image blogs like jjjjound and the sartorialist. I was bored with school and started pursuing photography and writing about clothes.

CB: Has it changed much since you started?

FH: At first I wrote more about clothes and posted photos I found on the Internet to supplement my own. As my blog evolved I focused on my own photography and the lifestyles around me. While in Maine, I spent a lot of time photographing the Maine that inspired me.

Now that I live in New York and have a consuming job, I have a lot less time to take photos during the week. I also feel that subjects would be a lot less unique to me if I started doing a lot of street photography.

CB: What's your most memorable experience with photography?

FH: I have had a lot of great experiences taking photos, but the most notable ones are Taking photos of my brother and dad in the Columbia River Gorge in early September of 2010.

CB: How has your photography helped you in life?

FH: Taking photos have been one of the most positive experiences of my life. Its opened doors that I never even knew existed and introduced me to many of my closest friends. It's been great for me to follow a whim and have it snowball into one of the most important parts of my life.

CB: Any advice for aspiring photographers?

FH: Take as many photos as possible of anything that interests you. Don't be afraid to stop everything you're doing to take a photo of something that inspires you. Also, look at photo books or photo blogs in your spare time to help refine your eye.

CB: Finally, what song are you always listening to?

FH: Right now, on Sunday morning, I am listening to Au Revoir Simone.

I'd like to thank Foster for answering these questions for me & also JPG magazine for giving me the opportunity to do this.

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