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Chaos Angel

I recently explored finding a different photographic vocabulary on a recent holiday to a city I love and grew up language but approaching it from a another angle with the hope to broaden my photographic eye.

I took some street shots initially which is something I don't normally do as to be honest where I live is coastal and quiet....It was an interesting exercise with varying degrees of success which was discussed on another site vigorously I might add...In the matter of a day the street shots developed from documentary into something that expressed I hope more what I was trying to capture...

I need and crave the wonderful creative energy that cities generate but in the end my feelings were filled with ambivalence towards the energy and the price we pay to live in cities....

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3 responses

  • Rhio9 (Rhio9)

    Rhio9 (Rhio9) (Deleted) said (11 Apr 2011):

    big vote from me!

  • Brian Brooks

    Brian Brooks said (9 Nov 2012):

    Michele, I am not sure what was debated vigorously on the other site but you need to keep on with your street photography. No matter what subject finds its way in front of your lens, it moves me in a way that is difficult to put into words. Raw emotion in every image.

  • Michele Randell

    Michele Randell said (17 Nov 2012):

    Thank you Brian..I appreciate you taking the time to tell me your thoughts.

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