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Flood at Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls & Covered Bridge

Two days ago, I visited the pros at Roberts Camera in Indianapolis, and purchased my new D300s. I was in need of a suitable place to test this bad boy out. Luckily, we'd just experienced a big storm that generated half a dozen tornados and dumped up to 5 inches of rain across the area. What better place to shoot on a sunny evening than Cataract Falls, which ought to be swollen out of recognition by all that water?

Cataract sits near the junction of I-70 and highway 267 near Cloverdale. The tiny highway it sits on leads through a picturesque and historic small town called Owen. I'll include photos from there later.

When my wife, Kimberly, and I arrived, we both stared, open mouthed, at the wall of water in the limestone shoot known (rather redundantly) as Cataract Falls.

I climbed around the cliffs and walls, looking for the best angles to capture the fury of the rushing water. At one point, I was standing right next to a standing wave that was at least 8 feet high. How I wanted to raft this river!

Luckily, though I put myself AND my new camera at considerable risk, neither was damaged during the shoot, and I got some shots I'm pretty happy with.

Not a bad set of falls for a flat, boring area like central Indiana.

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