Photo Essay

Braving the Storm


Her name's Bebeng. International codename, Aere. We were aware that she's coming, and yet, we bravely went on with our 'mission trip'.

We knew. We have foreseen her 'short visit'. We even recognized her -unmistakable features- on our way to Bicol, where you will find "miss M".

She welcomed us with open arms. oh, and with tails!

Her name's Bebeng. She's a tropical storm that hit this humble country. It was supposed to be a twelve-hour drive, but because of her, we had to stick our butts in the car seats for sixteen long hours instead. After the rain had -temporarily- stopped, i quickly grabbed my cam and stuck my head out of the car window to take some photos of what apparently had been traces of Bebeng's wrath.

Heartbreaker. She is. Houses immersed, rice fields and mangroves destroyed, cars submerged, human legs and feet 'baptized'.

And not long after, Bebeng left us. Nonetheless, as you can see in these photos, even after the storm, there were still helping hands, heroes in their own little way, in whose faces you will see modification, and whose eyes you will see resilience.

Finally, we arrived at our mission's destination. Now, it was "miss M" who welcomed us. She is amazing, she is a beauty, she is perfect, she is alive! She is considered to be the world's most perfectly formed. But girls will be girls. Like Bebeng, beware of her fury as well. Because whenever she feels like it, she can even light up the night sky with comets on fire!

Bebeng and miss M have one thing in common. We can't control their actions, or should i say, activities, to that extent. Only God is in control. Of everything. I believe in His existence. He is the creator of the universe, and all the things in and around it.

We headed back home after a couple of days, with our mission half-accomplished. The other half? I believe that God will do the rest.

By the way, miss M is a volcano. Her name is Mayon.

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  • pi yo

    pi yo gave props (26 May 2011):

    glad to meet miss m

  • cheez chang

    cheez chang gave props (26 May 2011):

    nice story

  • Bruce J Dargie

    Bruce J Dargie gave props (26 May 2011):

    Great insight and words, enjoyed!

  • hubson h

    hubson h gave props (27 May 2011):


  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (31 May 2011):

    A wonderful photo essay, aileen! I saw a glimpse of her when my father brought me there in 1960's. My father used to be a train conductor at PNR and his desitination is Bicol Region. Glad you made it through despite the bad weather.

  • adelaine lam

    adelaine lam gave props (3 Jun 2011):

    curiousity brought me here... hmmmm... miss M, you were a mystery. nice essay!

  • photo talent

    photo talent gave props (18 Jun 2011):

    great essay! love it!

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