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The Essence of Femininity Through the Lens Part III

The Essence of Femininity...

that the photograph should be looked at as not only an art form but also its role as a tool with which the female form has been expressed. Has femininity in its purest form been realised within the framework of not only the captured image but also society?


Approximately one hundred and sixty years later from when photography has become regarded as a Fine Art, Mona Kuhn a contemporary artist through her soft approach to the human body, has managed brilliantly to remind us of Julia Margaret Cameron. By the way she frames the sitter, the soft focus and candid dreamy face, the thoughts and feelings so well evoked by Mona Kuhn's images are very close to Julia Margaret Cameron's style.

Also the title 'The Echo' of Cameron's picture is ambivalent, the image shows even if the model is clothed, femininity still emanate nowadays from her pictures, and if we let the imagination run free we can undress the female as her gaze could be seen as inviting.,_by_Julia_Margaret_Cameron.jpg

Making this statement again I have to point out the question of femininity if it has been achieved through the lens?

Perhaps Nobuyoshi Araki and the Anonymous photographer wanted to show the darkest side of masculinity? Back to Cindy Sherman composite, saying that her images have nothing to do with gender and political matter, or any relation with sexuality, possibly she wanted to prove a strong point without any comment, even if she contradicts herself. The paintings by Eduard Manet and Lucien Freud it might be seen with different eyes and judged without any feelings or any knowledge about the two artists and their work, is a matter of individual opinions.

Even further, the final point about this delicate subject regarding Araki's pornographic work will not be just the negative reviews I found online, perhaps others find his work related to female form and roll very acceptable, and admire his style and images. However is a matter of opinion, and the reviews mention earlier are only a few people who had voiced their insight about Araki's work. If so, it is necessary to undress a model to be able to create and promote sensuality like Helmut Newton? Is it enough a female form to be seen only in a sculptural form rather than the real delicacy, and suave shapes recorded through the lens by Ruth Bernhard, and Edward Weston to evoke purity of the female form, or is it enough like in Harry Callahan example below, that simple lines can suggest and be as powerful regarding the female form, perhaps even more powerful than a picture with a fully naked body?

Femininity it is not just about shape and forms that photographer's perceives through the lens, but femininity is also how the photographer conveys the subject to the viewer, and finally to the model herself.

Behind the lens, which is a simple tool, the important factor is the photographer approach to the human body, and in this case 'Femininity'!

The Essence of Femininity Through the Lens (2009)

By: Roxana Brivent-Barnes

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  • Roxana Brivent-Barnes

    Roxana Brivent-Barnes said (20 Jul 2011):

    I closed a year on this website, and some had achieve a high quality nudes, showing sensitivity and worth looking and admiring their beauty through the lens, but others are simply insensitive regarding this subject. I can go as far to say, a hard attempt to prove and become controversial photographers, but in my eyes are just starters in the oldest form of Art!

  • Roxana Brivent-Barnes

    Roxana Brivent-Barnes said (20 Jul 2011):

    Mona Kuhn available at:

    The Echo by Julia Margaret Cameron available at:

  • Carlos Aviles

    Carlos Aviles said (17 Aug 2011):

    Love essay and the photos, Roxy. You are the best

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    Hell YEAH! Rad!

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    beautiful series!!

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    Love your story! Stunning photos!

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