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Major plant pigments and their occurrence-

Chlorophylls in Green plants make the leaf green. Carotenes and xanthophylls (e.g. astaxanthin) present in Bacteria, Green plants (masked by chlorophyll), vegetables like carrots, mangoes and so on. Some birds, fish and crustaceans absorb them through their diets cause's oranges, reds, yellows and pink colours (e.g. gold fish, Koi)

Flavonoids (Anthocyanins, aurones, chalcones, flavonols and proanthocyanidins) produce many colors in flowers which are Common in plants such as berries, eggplant and citrus fruits. Also present in tea, wine, and chocolate shows Yellow, red, blue and purple colour. Betalains (Betacyanins and Betaxanthins) present in Flowers and fungi causes Red to violet, also yellow to orange colour.

Whether a rose is red or yellow is based upon its molecular structure. The flower's petals, known as the corolla, can vary from blues and purples to yellows and oranges and even pure white. It's all determined by the flower's basic structure. Other factor, such as aging and soil acidity, affect flower color.

Pigmentation in flowers-

Plants create their own pigments, and these are present in the petals when the flower blooms. Each color molecule of a pigment has a different molecular structure. Pigments called anthocyanins cause flower petals to be red, purple or blue. Pigments called carotenoids create yellow and orange petals. The absence of these above pigments causes a flower to be simple white.

The pH level of soil affects the color of a flower too. Higher pH levels indicate alkaline soil while lower pH levels indicate acidic soil. Acidic soil interacts with pigments and can change flower color to blue. Alkaline soil leads to pink flowers.

The world would not have so beautiful if pigments would not have there. Therefore, we thank almighty, the creator of universe with lots of colourful natural gift.

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