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The Setup

The Setup
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Subject HS
Subject HS
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Subject HS

If you want to make images with little or no shadow on a white background here is one possible formula that I think looks wonderful and is very easy to setup.

Equipment you will need

Three light stands, the taller the better

Three strobes, Alien Bees work wonderfully

Two soft boxes, bigger is better.

One beauty dish, with a diffuser sock.

At least two pocket wizard radio triggers, one for the strobes and one for your camera.

One white vinyl or white paper background.

Place the two strobes with soft boxes on either side of the white background and aim the strobes at the opposite corner. The left strobe should be looking at the right corner of the background while the right strobe is looking at the left corner of the background. The crossing beams of light bleach out the background and eliminate the shadows.

The third strobe with the beauty dish goes in front and provides the light for your subject.

One Pocket Wizard trigger goes on your camera the other goes on one of the strobes. The other two strobes will fire because they have optical triggers.

If your strobes do not have optical triggers then you will need a Pocket Wizard for each strobe.

Your subject should stand between the two soft boxes near the leading edge directly in line with the third strobe with the beauty dish.

The two strobes in back were running at half power the one in front was running at one fourth power. The ISO on the camera was 200 the F-stop was between 7.1 and 8.

My subject for this shoot was the fabulously tall and beautiful HS who is a wonderful woman to work with. She is amazingly photogenic, beautiful, tall, intelligent, articulate, pleasant, and always brings lots of wardrobe to use.

I hope this is helpful.

If you have any questions just ask?



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  • Jeff Slater

    Jeff Slater (Deleted) said (30 Jan 2012):

    Very nice, I've been wanting to do this. Maybe I will give it a try this weekend.

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