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Phantom: An Untold Story

The depths of our souls became one with the night, as we gazed upon the mirror, staring back and forth at one another; Eyes burned like the eternal flames of Hell; Hands as rough as the ungodly hours of the night; and crawling skin, as slimy as a snail, slowly making its way across a room.

The stench of a sewage system emerges from the ground as I made my way down the voluptuous hallways of his labyrinth.

Deep down, under the Earth, I walked, as rats scampered across my feet. As scared as I was, the rats did not frighten me ~ for I was under some sort of a trance. I emerged through a doorway, only to find him ~ the Master of Darkness. He sat quietly, playing his organ until his firm, masculine hands started to bleed. He suddenly stopped and fled over to me. His strong hands wrapped around my body as he threw me to the bed. He then started to undress me slowly, piece by piece ~ until I was completely naked fulfilling his sexual desires and passion. His hands were as cold as ice; his breath was as hot as an open fire; flames blazed higher as he moved his hands down my pulsating body. He whispered seductively, "Making love together, will let our souls become one. We shall make beautiful music together, my sweet!" He started making passionate, hot, steamy love to me. At first it was pleasurable, but then it started to feel forced and uncontrolled. I tried to make him stop, but he was too strong.

After many hours of brutal horror, he finally stopped. I, being relieved, had fallen fast asleep. When I woke up, I was weary as to where I was and what had happen the previous night. I suppose I just had a nightmare or something, yet, I noticed some unfamiliar scratches upon my body, and I don't know how they got there. If it wasn't a nightmare, then I'm not sure how I got back into my room and in my own bed.

The next night, a voice from within my full-length mirror beckoned to me, calling, "Christine...Christine..." I gazed upon the mirror only to have seen him ~ Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. At first, I thought he was a figment of my imagination, until he grabbed me violently and pulled me through the mirror. I screamed in a fit of rage and shock, hoping that someone would come to my rescue. Alas, not one single soul had shown up and I was destined to be with Erik.

At first, the man in my dreams appeared to be that of my late father. I could hear the sweet music as it glistened off his violin once more. It was soothing, relaxing and yet hypnotic. That and the thought of him telling me that he would send and Angel down to Earth to continue with my music education. So, I only assumed that is must be this Angel. He was so very nice to me in my dreams ~ until the day I discovered who and what he really was. Since then, he was very mean to me, battered me, sexually tormented me and abused my inner person. When on stage, or anywhere for that matter, he would eye me like a hawk ~ every breath I took, he was there. He scared me so much. His face was always hidden behind a mask. I've tried many times to unmask him, but he would turn his head and lash me across the room each and every time.

My poor Raoul has also been threaten by him a numerous amount of times, and me as well. I loved Raoul with all my heart, and if Erik were to know my true feelings toward Raoul ~ why he would have killed his both. I feared that my love for Raoul would never be. The only way that Raoul and I could show our compassion for one another, would for us to meet in secret.

Meanwhile, I was to stay with Erik ~ find his weakness and destroy him for good! In order to go back to the Opera House and get away from Erik, I had to promise him to love him and only him. Amongst another one ~ never seeing Raoul ever again, which killed me deep down inside.

He bleeds internally, like the Devil from within the soul. His depth and wicked understanding which darkens the doorway with fear and bitterness. This doorway, blocked me from a world I once knew ~ a world filled with life, light, happiness and love. The fires of Hell, have lead my mind, body and soul into complete and utter damnation.Our bodies were as hard as steel, as we became one with the night, like fully fleshed sex magnets waiting to burst. He wrapped his hands around my perfect, soft body, as he pulled our aching groins into one another's pulsating bodies. His breath was steamy and hot, like a pot of boiling water, ever flowing from the bowels of all human existence. He kissed every inch of my body with poise and passion...

...A knock at the door awakened me from a daydream. Raoul quickly entered my room like a sly cat on a hot metal rail. He rushed towards me and kissed me in a fit of passion, leaving us both lightheaded and breathless. I then gave Raoul a puzzled look and fled from my room. I was very scared because I knew that Erik had been watching me. Raoul tried to catch up with me, but I appeared to be nowhere in sight. So, as concerned for my well-being as he was, he decided to search the Opera House ~ top to bottom. Alas, there was no trace or clue as to where I was or where I had gone to.

'Twas getting late ~ I was still nowhere to be found and Raoul was getting very worried about me. All of a sudden ~ out of nowhere ~ Raoul had heard a beautiful singing voice, which was enchanting. Raoul followed the voice as low as the basement where he came to the conclusion that the voice was coming from below the basement. The voice appeared to be that of an Angel. After hearing the voice for several moments, when Raoul recognized it to be, mine, but to where it was coming from was unknown. There was no place further below the Opera House ~ except for the catacombs. Raoul had searched everywhere for a door of some kind of an entrance to find me ~ alas, nothing was found.

Deep down, below the catacombs, in Erik's lair, I had been sitting upon a stool, while Erik was playing the organ. He turned to me, put his hands on mine and said, "My dear, sweet, charming and lets not forget beautiful Christine..." I trembled with fear as he moved in closer to me. He continued, "I saw you with that so-called boy, Raoul, alone in your room." In a scared and shaky voice, I replied, " did?"

"Yes, and I know that you have not disobeyed me. After all, he had no idea what you had promised me." He then escorted me over to the organ and said, "We have a lot of work to do. We had better get started."

"You mean, you're not angry with me?"

"No, not at all."

"You won't hurt him, will you?"

"No." He began to play the organ, while I proceeded to sing.

Meanwhile, Raoul was talking to Madame Giry, an authority on the Phantom and my dance instructor, about the Phantom. She informed him of the many passages that the Phantom had and how he used trickery to catch spy's. One sure way to catch the Phantom was through Box 5 ~ you could search for a secret passage or wait for him to appear and follow him. Either way, it would be very dangerous. The Phantom is extremely powerful, therefore a plan must be sought out in order to accomplish the unaccomplishable. It would have to be a plan to stop Erik for good. Raoul exclaimed, "How can Erik be stopped?" Madame Giry answered, "You must destroy his music ~ it's the only way." She started to walk way, when she said, "Wait a minute, why, may I ask, did you want to know where to find the Phantom and how to destroy him?"

"I'm afraid that he has Christine!"

"What are you saying, dear boy!?!"

"He has her under his control ~ in a form of hypnotism. She has been acting very secretive and acting as if she doesn't want to know or see me. Every time I approached he this week, she would ignore me or leave suddenly."

"All week long!?!"


"Why didn't you come to me sooner!?!" We must save her before it is too late!" Madame Giry had taken Raoul to an entrance to the catacombs and halfway to the Phantom's lair, where is was very dark and cold with rats everywhere. From there, she directed him and went back to the Opera House. Raoul, being like a brave solider at war, continued downward to come to my rescue.

Back in Erik's lair, I asked, "When shall I return to the theatre?" and Erik replied, "Soon, but first, we must attend to some unfinished business." He walked over to a table beside the bed; went into a drawer and pulled out a box of some kind. In that box, there laid a ring. He walked back over to me and placed the ring on my finger. He then said, "Now we will be together forever. You will love me and only me! Do you understand?" I was shocked and didn't know what to say. He grabbed me and said in a deep and meaningful voice, "Do you!?!" I started to cry and scream, "I don't love you! I never have and I never will!" With all my might, I tried to push him away so I could make my escape. He was too strong and powerful. He clinched me in his big, strong hands and threw me to the ground. I tried to get up and leave, but it was utterly pointless. I started yelling, kicking and hitting ~ he just held me down and I lost a great deal of energy.

Raoul followed my screams and crying. He was getting closer and closer to the Phantom's lair every second.I picked myself up, walked over to Erik and tried to remove his mask, to finally prevail who this monster finally was. His tension and short temperness made him so mad that he slapped me and I flew across the room. I just laid there, too weak to move.

Rehearsal was about to begin at the Opera House. Monsieur Andre, owner of the Paris Opera House, has issued Meg, my very best friend in the whole wide world, to get me from my dressing room. She entered my room only to find it empty. She looked everywhere for me before informing everyone at the theatre that I was missing. They formed a search party and have notified the Surete in coinciding the case of the Phantom of the Opera. In their search, they also discovered that Raoul was also missing.

After searching and worrying about me, Meg asked her aunt if she knew where I was. Madame Giry explained everything that has happened and not to worry because Raoul was taking handle of the situation.

My crying was now coming in clearer to Raoul and he sensed that I was near. Erik started to play his organ louder than ever. Raoul approached a door and opened it very slowly. Erik's back was facing the door, so he did not see Raoul. Raoul had managed to look into a corner, where I was curled up in a ball and crying. He shut the door and thought of what he was going to do to get me away from Erik. He peaked through the door once more. Erik was still playing the organ. I picked my head up and saw Raoul. I whispered to him, "Please go away!" I started crying more than ever and my body was shaking like a leaf on a tree on a windy March day.

Raoul noticed that my face was bleeding where Erik had lashed me. When Raoul saw the blood, something in him snapped and he flew towards Erik like a bat out of Hell. Raoul pushed Erik to the floor; Erik had slammed Raoul into a wall. I stood up and started to scream. They slammed one another into every wall, beating each other to a bloody pulp. Raoul yelled to me, "You must destroy his music!" In a quick moment of thought, I took a candle and set all and any sheet music a blaze. Along with his organ as well.

Raoul and I barely escaped with our lives. That was the night that the original Paris Opera House had burnt to the ground. That was also the night that Raoul and I flew to Scandinavia, where I was born, and there, Raoul and I eloped. There, we built a family and lived happily ever after, never mentioning the Phantom ever again...

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