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Three weeks ago, i had the opportunity to do a nude shoot, for personal work. I had been putting it off, looking for senseless excuses and in part some laziness towards my own work. I have been very quick to say yes to photo shoots of all kinds these past several months, but my own stuff? Sigh.

With a little nudge from one of my friends, who is also an excellent photographer, we setup for this shoot. Yes, i needed some coaxing. The funny thing is i have no aversion or issues with nudity in art, being around models or the like. To date, i am not very clear why it took that much to get to do it.

Once at the studio, we met with the model, fairly well known in the and through model mayhem, MOON MARIE, was just great. She has such confidence, charm and great charisma to drive the shoot direction on her own, however, we were there for our own work so she took some direction from us. We observed also how she responded to other photographers and how well her image had displayed in previous shoots she had been on. With that in mind and some ideas in mind i went over some poses and created some lighting conditions that represented the ideas i had in mind. While the subject of female nudes has been more than perused, perhaps exploited through out time, i was happy to come away with some beautiful shots.

I am looking forward to setting up another shoot to grab some images. My view of the nude is very particular to me. I cant say it is unique, but at least for me its very personal way of communication. While it has been presented boldly, offensively and loudly, it can also be presented very stylish and elaborate. I feel that i however want to create an intimate or delicate representation, not just of the female form, as i would also shoot male models (even though i prefer the female), but of the human body. While bearing your skin is in no way a sign of weakness, i like to show our form in some honest way. For me its not about how the body translates its relationship with clothes, items or fabrics, but how it translates against light. How does the light caresses the skin showing some of its imperfections as well as its smoothness. How does it carefully shape up the form of the body, of each feature that makes us who we are as physical beings and perhaps in the process put some intimacy in the image. Intimacy of the human being kind, not in a lusty way, but in a personal way. It may be tough to create those things with an experienced model, but at times, between poses, you get to see those glimpses that make those particular shots unique and less generic.

I have to definitely thank MOON MARIE for her work, for being so good in front of the lens and for letting me capture a hint of her beauty as a person and as a model. Here are some shots of the many jewels i got away with.

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