Photopoems,slideshows and just plain Lemonade

Triple splendor

I like to write poetry and use a program to put the font on a photo.They make great gifts or greeting cards with a personal touch.Ive got a couple journals of poetry I've written for a few years so I started using them for these.It made sense as others can relate to a human experience like expressed in ones poetry.At Christmas I made slideshows and transferred them to DVDs and gave them as an economical gift about three years ago when I fell and broke my leg

and couldn't work.for three months.I was out of work but still able to get around in the Winter snow and take pictures.Its ironic that I climb cliffs ,hang off trees slightly to brace myself and even walk in the gorges to get a picture of a waterfall or dam and fallen on my buttocks as well as having slipped and gotten my legs soaked at ponds edges taking pics of waterlilies or frogsPretty funny I used to get scolded for getting wet catching frogs and I'm still getting wet..i never fell too far or hurt myself before this from any dangerous area.The day I went to a local beach with a very slight incline is the day I broke my right ankle then drove home 15 miles in denial of the injury.Friends scolded me for going grocery shopping without my aircast but when you're a single parent with no help and know friends are busy you do what you have to do.How can you push a shopping cart with an aircast and a pair of crutches?Clearly it is impossible.I dont advise anyone going against their Doctors wishes.When God gives you lemons sometimes you must make lemonade.Before I returned in January of that year I attended a staff Christmas party in December.I gave a few discs with photo slideshows to friends there.It hit me then "Why cant I make them for the residents to watch who are shut in the nursing home where I work?"I presented the idea to a couple of coworkers in the Activities Department..Why not put my pictures to good use to make others feel good.I did just that.I received alot of good feedback.I've been back at my job as a CNA for three years since my return.I am still out there shooting pictures and still share my work.I don't do it for financial gain.Just knowing my residents enjoy it pleases me.Ive not broken anything in a long time thank God.

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5 responses

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (22 Mar 2012):

    love the narration Jim.... Nice!!! Vote!!!

  • Roy M. Gunnels

    Roy M. Gunnels gave props (4 Apr 2012):

    Stunningly beautiful essay Jim!

  • Jim Wilton

    Jim Wilton said (5 Apr 2012):

    TY much!!!

  • Tomma Henckel

    Tomma Henckel said (17 Oct 2012):

    Great little vignette from your life. And a nice idea to share your photos with your clients. I'm sure they appreciate your sharing the beautiful outdoors with them in that way.

  • Jim Wilton

    Jim Wilton said (17 Oct 2012):

    TY much!

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