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Kickstarter Fundraising Goal Reached! Campaign ends Sunday!

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The Kickstarter campaign for 50 Couches in 50 Nights has reached it's initial fundraising goal!


While I'm happy to have reached this goal, I still would like to have you on board. If you still want to back the project, you can do that up until it closes on Sunday. Many of the rewards are exclusive or in an edition limited to this fundraiser. So if you want item, please be sure to pledge before the deadline.

I personally still have two more goals for this Kickstarter campaign.

One, I want to have as many of you as possible on board to vote for some of the photos that I will include in the book. If you enjoy this project and want to be involved in it, please go pledge $5.

Two, I'd also like to have pledges/pre-orders for 50 books. The more books I can print at one time, the less expensive it is per book and the more resources I can put towards other things. Plus I'd love to have the first edition of the book be 50 copies. If you want a first edition book, with your name on the "Thank You" page, please make your pledge before the deadline.

Thank You Again,


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