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The Devils Play Ground
My fate lies in my hand
"Panchhi Ban udu Main"
Basket Ball Net
Chhattar Palace, Jodhpur (Contour Click)

Hi friends,

I am back :)

This is Prashant Gupta

And as you all know i am a amateur photographer.

So first the formalities. :)

I am a amateur but an aspiring photographer.

And this is my first story, So Please don't mind my writing.

I am not that comfortable in writing in English..

So sorry in advance.... and blah blah blah :)

( Sorry just kidding, actually i really mean these words, these are not just formalities )


I am a 12th class student from C.B.S.E.

(actually a pass out, my results where declared just few days back)

I have been highly inclined towards technology from beginning, but my first encounter with technology was when i got my computer 4 years ago.

And since last 3 years i have been doing graphics editing and photo manipulation (on self basis, learnt it all by myself)

Around 2 months ago while working with my pictures (i.e. the post processing)

I encountered very interesting feature.


Actually contour means a "outline"

I liked this feature and found that it can be very useful if used properly.

So i started experimenting with it. (although i couldn't give much time due to some academic problems)

and this is what i ended with.

I know many people might think that this is not at all photography.

It is totally different.

and even i think so, but in ancient photographic belief.

I mean in today's world photography has changed so much that.

Today a good photograph is defined by its final outcome.

Which includes a lot of post processing.

Considering this fact.

I believe that if a pic can become a photograph by and kind of post processing.

Then it should be accepted with open hands.

Rest i leave it up-to you people.

You decide. Because what matters is that

what we want to do


what others wan us to do :)

thanks for bearing me. :)

All comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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Tell a friend about this story!

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