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Redcoats and Rebels


Being a New Englander, I have always been steeped in the history of the area. One of the more fun things are the re-creations of battles here at places like Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge Mass. (

Yesterday they had the annual "Rebels and Redcoats" which has a colonial muster of many troops from various states. They hold skirmishes a couple times a day and teach the kids and the rest of us frankly, about how life was lived and battles were fought in the Revolutionary period.

Yesterday it was 93, humid, and in seersucker shorts and light button down I was sweating up a storm! Imagine how these people felt! The skirmish was held at the top of a hill on the OSV grounds and I think I caught the essence of it all.

All in all, I wish it had not been so hot, I would have stayed longer, but even with hydration I got what felt like heat prostration. I recommend seeing this if you can, it is going on today in fact, but do check the OSV site for next year.


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