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Brett,Homeless in Newport.Feature

Brett,Homeless in Newport
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His name was Brett.I met him at the bridge crossing to Goat Island in Newport Rhode Island.He was sitting on the rocks below playing a pop song on his Fender accoustic guitar.He had a very gritty voice but carried the tune well.When he finished I told him I said Thankyou for the free concert .I asked him who does the song.He said "FourNon Blondes".I said maybe I can find it on "Youtube".He said He was computer illiterate."I've been homeless most of my adult life".He said Music should be free.The best concert ever was Woodstock and it was free.I told him I'd heard Simon and Garfunkel had a free concert in Central Park New York years ago too.He said Cental Park is busy,even in the wooded area .I tried camping there once.I lasted five minutes.You think you're alone but you never are.I introduced myself as Jim and my friend as Chris.He shook my hand and said he was Brett.I asked can I ask you a couple questions?He said yea.Where are you from?He said Hollywood.Where do you live ?He said under this bridge,I sleep on the wall so when the tide rises I dont get wet.Its just like a beach under there.He said being homeless makes things simple."You don't pay rent and you have people visiting in your front yard alll the time".(The Harbor).I was in the Navy once.He showed us his Tatoos.One ,on his hand was beautifully done calligraphy "Jesus Christ".He said I love God.Hes all I have.Then he asked if We recognized the face tatooed on his right upper arm.I told him Buddha,Yes he said.Then showed us a asian symbol tatoo.He asked id We knew what it was.We did not.He said its the chinese symbol for "Chakra"the energy force within us.He'd lost his eight times in life.He said I sing by the bridge all the time but I don't ask for money.A guy did give me a buck earlier for a beer.All I need is my beer and guitar and I'm happy.He asked "Do you have a couple bucks?"I said sorry even asked my friend with me but We didn't.I told him I'm not carrying cash.He said "Can I borrow your credit card for a few minutes?"laughing.I said "Sorry,I cannot do that or I'll be your neighbor under the bridge"He went and grabbed his empty alcohol bottle and put it on the post to commemorate him until he returned.A family fishing there said "Goodbye"We'll see you tomorrow ,We'll be back tommorow .He said "Nice meeting you"I'm going to get a beer now.He then left.

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2 responses

  • Tomma Henckel

    Tomma Henckel said (17 Oct 2012):

    Neat, very personal everyday kind of story - I like it. And a nice way to remember your moment with this interesting man.

  • Jim Wilton

    Jim Wilton said (17 Oct 2012):

    TY very much!I admired his attitude.

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