Photo Essay

A matter of faith


Faith: the theologal virtue provided by the intelect to make us believe.

More than we think we bloddy-minded ourselves looking outside of us the reason of all our problems, bad times, and misfortunes. Sometimes we dare to - just becouse we don't see any other explanation - virtually hand over our lives to the most extreme beleivings.

"Your sold is a young one" - the spiritist said to me, with her tiny eyes and the skin toasted by the caribbean sun. Life sent me there, after ups and downs, to that little place in Margarita Island in Venezuela, where the recent smoked dark tobacco was still in the air, and the atmosphere smelled like cheap liquor and sugar. I walked through a slimmed corridor where a crowd of statues and lighted candles barely let me breath. Outside the sun was beating down the zinc roof. At the end of the corridor behind an old curtain there was the altar, dedicated to Saint Barbara, the warrior virgin.

Just for a moment I thought about the absurd situation I was in. I took a look at the fat and sweaty woman while she lighted her second dark tobacco and looked at it out of the corner of her eye. It wasn't about me that visit to the house of that "santera", but like I said, life brought me to her door and once I was there I could not resist to ask for permission and shot everything I could with my camera.

Here are some the images of this culture which I respect as any other one, take a look and believe.

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